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Jul 13

90s hair seemed like a good idea at the time…

Wow, talk about a blast from the past. Does anyone remember this 1993 video clip of John Farnham’s Seemed Like A Good Idea (At The Time), featuring the Late Show cast & nonno Cilauro? (Thanks for the link, Zoë!)

May 05

The new forum is here!

Yay, we have finally shifted ten years’ worth of posts to a shiny new-look forum! It needs a facelift and a few tweaks here and there, but the content has been retained, including all your old posts, private messages and login details. Find it at (we’ll eventually change it back to /forum).

Apr 10

The Champagne Comedy forum

Regular visitors to the Champagne Comedy forum are probably noticing the database errors that show up when you try to access it. This is because our host recently upgraded the database software on our shared server (PHP), and our forum (which has not been upgraded in a while) is incompatible with it. During the “donation …

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Jan 14

Happy 2013 and thanks for your continued support!

A HUGE thank you to the many generous donors who are helping to keep Champagne Comedy running. Apart from the hosting costs, an upgrade of the forum is long overdue. A new forum licence costs $250, so not cheap.. but we have now raised half the money for this, which also equates to the year’s …

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Mar 22

What used to be on just before The Late Show?

I remember sitting through an entire episode of Birds of a Feather before The Late Show aired, aged 15/16. I meticulously set up the VHS with a blank tape, and made sure that the aerial was set up correctly to avoid any interference. The remote control was in hand, ready for me to hit record …

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Oct 22

Hello world!

We have upgraded Champagne Comedy!!! Woohoo! Please visit the (still active) forum while we reconstruct….

Jan 25

Office Christmas Party – from the archives


Jan 25

Champagne Comedy – welcome!

Hi everyone! Are you a fan of The Late Show? Did you Endure Birds of a Feather which came on just before The Late Show, just so you could set the VCR to record every precious second of the show? Get a copy of the Best of DVDs or VCRs from an older sibling and become hooked …

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Jan 01

Richard Marsland – charity donations

Thanks to Baudrillard and pixpix for organising this. “IN ARMITAGE SHANKS WE TRUST – DONATE TO BEYOND BLUE If you would like to make a donation to Beyond Blue in Richard’s memory go to: The staff at Beyond Blue are Marsland fans & happy to help out. Send them an email, with the subject line “In Armitage Shanks We …

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Dec 07

Richard Marsland dies

Tributes are flooding in for Richard Marsland, the radio anchor best known for his work on Tony Martin’s former radio show, Get This. Marsland was found dead today aged just 32. Austereo Melbourne general manager Ben Amarfio expressed the station’s sadness at losing a talented and popular member of the Triple M team.“Everyone he worked …

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