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Re: Arseless Chaps

Post by B.Maln » Fri May 06, 2016 8:07 am

Can I just say what a f**king great show this is (was)?! Tony has a much stronger rapport with Damien than with T Wilson on the Rs. They developed Get This style elements over the four shows including the re occurrence of a colourful character to take the p!ss out being Mark E Smith who was also Matty D style edited into songs (the Spinal Tap reference cracks me up every time I hear it). I've listened to the shows multiple times now and it seems to have that repeat factor that's still funny to me after so many listens like Get This has.

It even had a panel op that gave his two cents at times. I'm not saying it's just like Get This (as we all know is the greatest radio show ever), just meaning to say it is the closest show he's done to Get This since finishing it up over 8 years ago. Obviously this wasn't their intention either, they were just there to do a show together to fill in for the summer.

I'd really like to hear them get back together again on RRR for another 4 week stint someday.

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