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Post by Chop-In-A-Toaster! »

I've just found this list of podcasts on the Melbourne International Comedy Festival website.


I'm going to have to systematically listen to all of them. Can anyone help me figure out it any of these are worth a listen?
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Post by plattopus »

I can give you a bit of an idea about the ones I've listened to...

The Shelf with Justin Hamilton, Adam Richard and more

When I listened to this it was live recording from backstage at the Shelf nights at MICF, which was great. I haven't listened to it since, but I assume it's just Hammo and Adam (and occasionally Tegan Higginbotham) chatting about whatever's on their mind, the comedy business, etc.

TOFOP with Wil Anderson and Charlie Clausen

This is literally just Wil Anderson and Charlie Clausen chatting about whatever pops into their head. I'd be very surprised if any planning went into it at all. I like Wil Anderson but it's pretty hit and miss (as you'd expect)... but when it's good, it's really good.

triple j - Sunday Night Safran

Interesting interviews by John Safran and Father Bob on politics, religion and culture. Always consistent.

NOVA FM - Hughesy and Kate

Exactly what it sounds like... listen only if you like Hughesy and Kate (and commercial radio).

Can You Take This Photo Please? with Justin Hamilton

Hammo's version of the Marc Maron podcast (see below). Essentially he will spend an hour or more talking comedy with one comedian, ask about how they got into the business, their story, etc. Fascinating if you're into the business of comedy.

The Little Dum Dum Club with Tommy Dassalo & Karl Chandler

Kind of similar to CYTTPP, except Hammo's is more of a serious exploration of a comedian's career in the business (with obvious humour deriving from having two funny people talking to each other), while the Dum Dums seem to focus more on trying to make jokes rather than have actual discussions. I was a massive Dum Dum Club fan for months but have kind of gone off it recently.

Eye of the Storm with Lawrence Mooney and Adam Rozenbachs

Similar to TOFOP but with slightly more direction, a little bit more topical, and I personally love Lawrence Mooney and Adam Rozenbachs so, for me, this one's funnier than TOFOP.

I Love Green Guide Letters with Steele Saunders

Amazing idea for a podcast: Steele Saunders and one or more guests (usually comedians) dissect this week's Green Guide letters section. You'd be surprised how much material can be mined from that.

Helliar and Hammo Dig Flicks! with Peter Helliar and Justin Hamilton

A movie podcast, possibly the only good one in Australia? (Unreated: why isn't there an Australian Doug Loves Movies?) Only listen to this if you're a movie buff... Helliar and Hammo are massive movie nerds and it shows. It's definitely a funny, enjoyable podcast, but I say that as a movie lover.

WTF with Marc Maron

The early episodes of this show are a goldmine. Marc Maron has been a comedian for like 30 years, so he's built an impressive list of friends and acquaintances and people he came up in the business with to interview, usually about how they had a falling out with Maron at some point in the past due to Maron's neuroses. (Zach Galafianakis, Louis C.K. are particularly great episodes.)

At some point this became the biggest podcast in America's comedy podcast scene, so as with SModcast and others it ended up almost being a parody of itself. Maron spends like 15 minutes at the start of each show selling wares, and less time actually interviewing guests. Plus, he's running out of interesting people to talk to (he's already mined the comedy industry, he's started moving on to music).

My suggestion is only download episodes where you know and love the guest.

The Nerdist by Chris Hardwick

Group discussion of a wide variety of topics from a wide variety of guests (in sort of a panel podcast format). I haven't listened to this one very much but Hardwick is enough of a big name now that he can get some genuine celebrity guests.
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Post by Chop-In-A-Toaster! »

Thanks plattopus! I'm stunned. No idea why Hughsey and Kate are popular.
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Post by Bean Is A Carrot »

I would really recommend The Sweetest Plum: http://thesweetestplum.com.au/
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Post by stupidmeatball »

It's not for everyone and the title really explains it all, but I'm loving Jim and Eddie Talking Shit (or it's iTunes-friendly title Jim Jefferies and Eddie Ifft TalkingS hit) which is Aussie comedian Jim Jefferies and American comedian Eddie Ifft doing their thing, but it's very explicit, as anyone who is familiar with eithers comedy would expect.
They get some fairly big names on their, Brad Garrett from Everybody Loves Raymond and FOTC's Reese Darby have made appearances, as has Rove, which would be baffling to the US audience.
It can stray into poor taste at the drop of a hat though, just a heads up.
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Post by Mason Hell-Cat »

I am currently enjoying the impro work on 'Comedy Bang Bang'.
Any other fans?
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Post by logifuse »

Santo was on the latest I Love Green Guide Letters (might be a newer ep by now). Apart his mic level being too low half the time, some of the stories were excellent.

Obviously there's Santo, Sam & Ed too (although it should be Santo, Sam & Rob... with a bit of Ed).

For non-Aus podcasts, The Bugle (Andy Zaltzman & John Oliver) is hard to beat. I also enjoy the podcast of Frank Skinner's Saturday morning show on Absolute Radio in the UK. Goes off on plenty of random tangents like Get This used to.
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