Question for Diehard Late Show fans

Chat and reminisce about The Late Show, an Australian comedy series which aired on ABC from 1992- 1993.

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Question for Diehard Late Show fans

Post by Guest » Thu Feb 12, 2004 1:23 pm

OK I thought I was a die-hard fan but I dont know this, and Im dying to find out.

What was the name of the theme music (the song) that played over the opening credits when it was on TV in 92-93?? In the champagne edition (DVDs) they changed the opening music for some reason. I think its something like Mr Feelgood but I'm not sure!


LSNut - tbr

Post by LSNut - tbr » Wed Mar 03, 2004 7:45 am

Arggh.. I thought I was too..

I'm searching and searching but can't find it at the minute. They had to change the music on the DVD because of licensing issues (as with a fair chunk of stuff that otherwise would have made it to the DVD).

I'm totally impressed by the new music! When I first watched the DVD I didn't even realise they had changed it.. (yes sacrelige I know) and I like it as much as the original..


Post by Guest » Tue Apr 27, 2004 12:43 pm

Its called "Turn Me Loose, (I'm Dr. Feelgood)" by James Brown...
great song on the Gravity album.

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