Best of D-Gen Sketches

Chat and reminisce about The Late Show, an Australian comedy series which aired on ABC from 1992- 1993.

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Best of D-Gen Sketches

Post by Eddie Blake » Sat Jul 09, 2011 4:23 pm

I think I've worked out a list of each sketch that appears in the Best of D-Gen specials. Some were guesses though.

The Best of the Original D-Generation.
Fart Whistles/ Do You Like Chocolate Mousse, Stephen/
Yellow Thing with Hinges/ My New Book/ Live Eye News
Service 1/ Test Tube-O-Matic/ Live Eye News Service 2/
Dag City/ Live Eye News Service 3/ The Making of Chis-
Holm/ Aussie Drawl/ Sexual Harassment 2 - Women, Eh/
Telephone Prank/ Deep Probe with Jane Beechy/ Christmas
Folk Songs of Nazi Germany/ Beached Dogs/ Emergency
Line/ Misspelling of Transmission/ Shonky Kitchen
Tidies/ The Holocaust/ Teenage Party/ No-Day Cricket
Match/ Product Name/ The Discoverers Resurface/ Sermon
On the Mount/ Embarrassing Parents/ Hijack Bloopers/
Suspicious Package/ Thunderbirds are Go/ Hair in a
Bun Joke/ TV Show Auditions/ My Best Mate Keith.

Degenocide: The Second Best of the Original D-Generation.
Aussie Pit Crew/ Expert Comment/ Network Rivalry/
Tommy Cravat Jr. / Collector's Corner/ Visit to the Doctor/
Kelvin Cunnington/ Time Waster 2000/ The Love Family/
Human Armchair/ Men of Action/ First Aussies in Space/
Faulty Changing Rooms/ Pissweak Quiz Show Sketch/
Man Who Invented the Milk Carton/ Stand-Up Fetuses'/
Weight Problem/ They Love Black Guys/ Mail-Order Brides/
Epic Theatre/ Wild Times Incorporated/ The Wheel/ The
Kerrigan Bros. 1/ Rona and Jilly/ I'm Actually Wearing...
A Hairpiece/ Did I Leave My Keys Here/ Salute to Roy
Highlights/ Kerrigan Bros. 2/ Job Interviews/
Warren's Concept/ Really Bad Snooker Trick/ Bedtime
Confessions/ Irish Rovers/ Expert on Chicks/ Aussie
Drama/ Soako Pants/ Over-the-Top Car Commercial/ The
Dubbo Olympics/ Batman/ The Church's View on Porno-
Graphy/ Carry on up the Innuendo/ Lyn Postelthwaite/
Father-in-Law's Bad Joke/ Kerrigan Bros. 3/ Teleshonk:
Fascinating Yet Eerie Piece of Wood/ Ilene's Trip Around
The World/ Castle Cravat/ The New Christ is Right/ Apology/
Trip to Indented Head/ Thunderbirds Pizza/ That's D-Generation/
End Credits Montage/ A Very Special Sketch Indeed/ The Last
Sketch/ In Next Week's Degenocide/ A Right of Reply on Fashion.
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