Missing skit

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Missing skit

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Hi All

Apologies if there is an existing thread I should have put this on. I couldn't readily find one. Looking for a particular skit.

I own all the Best of DVDs & VHS releases but I can't see on there one of my favourite sketches. I think of it every time I walk past men doing work down a Telstra manhole.

It went like this:

Tommy G was asking "do you ever wonder" what goes on underground when there are men working in a Telstra pit. It then switches to a couple of blokes descending the ladder into a pit, where a waiter takes their hard hats and reflective vests off them & gives them black tie to wear and the room is full of people in black tie at tables with silver service. My Dad worked for Telstra at the time, which made it particularly funny to me.

If anyone could tell me where I might be able to see this skit again, I would be very happy.