Degrees of separation between us/them.

Chat and reminisce about The Late Show, an Australian comedy series which aired on ABC from 1992- 1993.

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SandhurstMachinery wrote:Ok, if we're getting more tenuous with this:

I went to school with Greg from the Wiggles (who were guests on ToughLove several times). Actually went to his house several times. He was very musical from an early age.
My mum used to baby-sit Greg, and is still good friends with his mum!!
Now I have a connection too!
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Hilarious 1986 ep of 'Backchat' with 'D-Generation' complaints: (starts at 1:30): (via @masonhellcat)
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This reminds me of the time mick & tony played "6 degrees of Kevin Bacon" .....
& yes tone nutted it out,& they got down to 2 degrees.
I think Mick's way of getting to Bacon in 6 degrees was all thanx to Laura Brannigan :p

(with mick being an extra in "Backstage")
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My Partner's uncle is an extra in movies.

He was in a movie with David Wenham
David Wenham was in the movie Stiff and The Brush Off which starred Mick Molloy

This uncle happens to be an amazing artist. He draws portraits of people from a photo, the likenesses are amazing. He's met a few Prime Ministers and Rugby League players who he has drawn.
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I share a surname with one of the Late Show cast but we are not related.

Sorry that's the best I could do. Do I win the prize for crappiest, most tenuous link?
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I've been thinking about Daniel's revelation that for a second time it's been confirmed that the D-Gen know about this site, as a result, I think this thread makes us look like stalkers!!!!!!!!!!
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You obviously have never seen the website devoted to the dude who plays Data on Star Trek (I can't remember his name off the top of my head). I don't know if its still up but God, it was a laugh.

It is written by a girl who is completely in love with him to the point where she moved around the corner from his house and used to "run into" him all the time. She had different photos of him with his back to the camera or looking slightly dazed. Then she got all uppity when someone called her a stalker and she denied it vehemently. She had one whole post that was titled "I AM NOT A STALKER!!!!!!!"

Yes, darling ... I believe you.

I must go hunting and see if it is still up. She's probably either taken it down or is in jail by now.
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Okay I've just been to check and I can't find it. The only fan sites I've seen look surprisingly normal.

Brent Spiner ... that's his name. Knew I would remember it eventually.
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Degrees of separation between us/them.

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I used to volunteer at a community radio station in Melbourne's outer northeastern suburbs. A lot of the studio equipment at the station was, when I first became an on-air presenter, once the property of Triple M.

This means that I could have spoken into microphones, or operated levers that were used during the days of the Triple M Breakfast Show with Kevin Hillier and the D-Generation.
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I have a friend who went to uni with Sarah Walker, who played Glenn Robbin's daughter in Boytown, which starred Mick and Tone. So that's 3 I think.
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it's not D-Gen direct, but it's related to Tony in a way. Yesterday I discovered I'm a 1 degree separation with DC Root.
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