Chances of a Reunion Late Show?

Your favourite Late Show moments!

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Mason Hell-Cat
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If there *was* to be a 20 year reunion special (hell, I'm happy with a best-of), I could easily die a happy man then and there. That's all I'd need.
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pissweak world
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Post by pissweak world »

I guess the 20 year reunion special did not happen
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Lord Waftingham
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Post by Lord Waftingham »

How about a 21st birthday bash ?
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Re: Chances of a Reunion Late Show?

Post by adamcrp »

Would be great to see, but i don't think a show like TLS would feel the same today.
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Re: Chances of a Reunion Late Show?

Post by Steve »

I did pass Jase entering the Virgin Lounge at Melbourne Airport a month or so ago. Stopped and said G'day. Wasn't game to ask about his thoughts on the subject....
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