Gillette 3000

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Gillette 3000

Post by logifuse » Wed Sep 05, 2012 8:50 am

It got a mention & a run on 702 Drive yesterday.

They were discussing products that had been stuffed by "improving" them, & one caller mentioned that they keep putting more blades on razors. It prompted Richard Glover to mention the sketch & they dug it up on Youtube & played it just before the news.

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Re: Gillette 3000

Post by foolhardycousingeorge » Thu Sep 29, 2016 1:18 pm

There is a website called

The slogan for Gillette Razors is;

"We're just going to keep adding more blades."

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Re: Gillette 3000

Post by SkivviesAreBack » Fri Aug 17, 2018 12:34 am

I used to work in Myer electrical, and I had a few friends ask my opinion on electric razors vs multi-blade safety razors. When asked about the 5-blade razor: "And the 16th blade, well, that's just along for the ride."

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