Martin Molloy Real Estate

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Martin Molloy Real Estate

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This man deserves a prize. Maybe a three pack of CDs?

Image ... 4757837152
I just want to pop him on a bit of toast and eat him right up.
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He's that Irish, he gives you money to buy the housing. :)

What a great name!
Now with EXTRA teabagging.
VALE Ricky M
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Lord Waftingham
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What's with 'Irish' in quote marks ?
Is he Irish or isn't he ?
...funny how Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions remind me more of Tony Martin...

Duuuude looks like a lady. Pete Smith speaking | RickyM, How come ? BeyondBlue
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Lord Waftingham wrote:What's with 'Irish' in quote marks ?
Is he Irish or isn't he ?
With all the green and clovers I'd say he's almost certainly not Irish. Definitely "Irish", though.
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