Working Dog named among "Legends of the Small Screen"

Discuss what Working Dog are up to now, and the rest of The Late Show cast - Mick, Jason and Judith

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Working Dog named among "Legends of the Small Screen"

Post by foolhardycousingeorge »

News Limited newspapers published a supplement, listing various "Legends of the Small Screen.'

Working Dog were mentioned. The tagline for the entry about Working Dog, was;

Heard the one about the comedy wizards?

then, Working Dog
Comedy Gurus.

NItpick time. The writer got some facts wrong. In their timeline, they said that the Triple M Breakfast show began in 1986, when we all know that The D-Generation TV series came first. The Triple M Breakfast show started in 1988.

Oh well.
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Re: Working Dog named among "Legends of the Small Screen"

Post by stupidmeatball »

I think that Tom, Santo and Rob contributed sketches for the EON FM, as it was then known, breakfast show before they got the breakfast gig full time, which could be what they were referring to.
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