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Remembering: Impressions of Rob Sitch

Over the two seasons, Rob Sitch has played many characters, such as Graham from Graham & The Colonel, the egotistical chauvinistic character in the dinner party sketches, Gavin Oz from The Oz Brothers and more. But he’s well-known (and stated by Santo Cilauro on the show) that he is the master of disguises. His first impression …

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Remembering: Music Video Parodies

Nearly every sketch comedy show – without fail – create their own song parodies. Most of the piss-takes are around songs or artists which are popular at the time. Sometimes the parody songs are that funny and entertaining, they can out-do the actual song. Even to the point that when you hear the original, you …

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Remembering: Piffy The Bell Ringer (with bonus interview)

Throughout the 2 seasons of The Late Show, a segment called Toilet Break would be played, around 3/5 of the way into the show. Season 1 played excerpts from The Saturday Show from the late 70s to early 80s, and Season 2 were highlights from the 80s talent show Pot Luck, hosted by Ernie Sigley and judge Bernard …

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Remembering: Musical Finale

Pete “Aerosmith” Smith Season Two. At the end of each episode of 1993, Tony Martin would introduce a musical finale to play over the end of the credits. It was usually a large, well known artist or band that was requested. Tony would rely on his partner-in-crime Mick Molloy to chase down the talent to do their …

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Remembering: Paradise Beach

Part two of our irregular “Remembering” theme to mark 20 years since The Late Show, does anyone remember the epicly popular (and that term is used loosely) Channel 9 soap drama Paradise Beach from 1993? Maybe this is a refresher… dare you to watch as much of it as you can. ..or, you can watch the 2 …

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Happy Australia Day!

Girt, soil, toil… Ladies and Gentlemen – take a bow!

Have You Ever Rented A “Best Bits” That Wasn’t Quite Right?

If you own the Champagne Edition of The Late Show (which I’m sure you would!) then you would have noticed on the second disc “Some More Bits“, which acts like a fourth video if one were released with the other three volumes. Thanks to Flemishdog, “Some More Bits” has been donned a cover, which is …

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The Late Show gets the Bergamui Bronze

A nostaglic past to 1992 (like everything on this site) and we dive into an old issue of TV Hits magazine. As voted by readers, The Late Show sits in at Bergamui Number 3, beating the little fat kid from Hey Dad..! and a few others. The listing is as follows (don’t forget, it was 1992!) …

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Joy Of Sets: The Final Curtain or Begging for a Second Series?

In the eighth and final installment of The Joy Of Sets, Tony and Ed look at. The end. That’s it. Oh, the show is about looking at the end of shows finishing. Whether it’s speculation of a second series renewal but no word from the ‘upper management’, to wrapping up a long winded series, to go …

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Office Christmas Party – from the archives