Tony Martin on Your Gen tomorrow *Notification*

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I'd honestly love to have the enthusiasm to sit through it to get to the bits with Shaun, but unfortunately I don't. I'm glad others do.
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Post by kabigon »

ShitScared wrote:I didn't realise we all took the show so seriously!

I love it. Haven't noticed any decline. I laugh at the subtle jokes that noone gets, and enjoy explaining to to friends with puzzled looks on their faces.

I'm just grateful he is embracing our screens on a part/full time basis.
For all that I dislike the show for preventing more Newstopia being made, I've still watched every episode and will continue to do so as long as it's being made (unless Shaun leaves as host, of course).
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Yes, the second he's gone, I'm outta there. To be honest tho, I'd be surprised - just mildly surprised - if it kept going after he left. Ten didn't keep 5th grader going after Rove left, after all.
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Post by Triple-K »

Your Gen is like a comedic vehicle for Shaun. Without him, there would be no driver (weird analogy eh?).

Oh, and thanks for the 'notification' ;)

Re: Tony Martin on Your Gen tomorrow *Notification*

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Life, get one - go down to KMART . . .
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