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Thanks for that - I did see it. Obviously didn't make much of an impression. I find the show a bit moving wallpaper - it's there, but I'm not really paying attention. Glad Ch. 10 have found a hit or two - keeps the others on their toes.
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The Jenga bus is coming, and everybody's running...
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Jasmus wrote:I'm sure I remember Tony saying (can't remember in what context or on which show) that "I've been diagnosed by the people at the Australian Institute of Sport as an un-co". I'm sure it was something to do with bowling now that I think about it. Not someone I would think would blow us away with his awesome Jenga balancing skills.

It was from Poop Chute. I nearly remember the quote off the top of my head as it was fucking funny as. I still get a laugh out of it.

Something along the lines of

"I actually went 10 pin bowling, as it's the only sport I can play as I've been officially diagnosed as an UN-CO, by the Australian Institute of Sport, and when you've got a heavy object being hurled, in close proximity to the members of the general public, and with the hurl being in a pair of shoes 3 & 1/2 sizes too big because mate-that's-all-we-got-left-if-you-don't-like-it-you-can-go-somewhere-else-what-are-you-some-kind-of-a-poofta??, which was an unusual thing for my dad to say but... " *KKKSHHHHH*

That's directly off the top of my head.. I have a few words wrong but that's what I can remember of it.
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No, I think you're pretty close there, and yes, funny as all shit!
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Three Thumbs Up wrote:The Jenga bus is coming, and everybody's running...

Thank you Three Thumbs Up. This one was a creeper for me. Oooh, about 2 minutes before...ding! The best gags are always creepers.

Ok, you lot, didja read Scrivener's? (Which, I have to say, a tad spooky) So it was a Toys R Us shelf item, EVERYONE BREATHE.

Optimus Schmoptimus. I want that on a mug with a head shot on the back of the crazy-haired guy in the world's most vile leather jacket.

And I love that I had to look up opprobrium. I could just imagine some bookish, displeased, Trannies (anyone here from Moorabbin?) fan scrawling that word on Tony's windscreen.
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menagers wrote:Ok, you lot, didja read Scrivener's? (Which, I have to say, a tad spooky) So it was a Toys R Us shelf item, EVERYONE BREATHE.

Tony's response to the Twitterers was amusing: "Oh no, I've lost WarHamster!"
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I guess this is an appropriate thread as any...

Did anyone watch TAYG last night where nobody seemed to know what Bad Eggs was? The reactions from the panelists and people on Twitter weren't very flattering to say the least. :???:
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Yeah, I saw it. Pickering knew what it was, but... well, Josh continues to fail to impress on just about every level. And it's always sad when the Bad Eggs joke is "no-one saw it, it's crap". Wrong on both counts, sir.

Actually, for a light-hearted quiz show, I'm kinda surprised how little warmth there is between the regulars. Glossed over by Micallef's abundant charm and general niceness, but still...

(I did laugh at the swipe at The 7pm Project, mind you)
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Josh was specifically targetting Shaun's performance, I don't think he said anything derogatory about the movie. He knew who played in it, at least.
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IFMON wrote:He knew who played in it, at least.
He didn't remember Shaun in it! Perhaps he was confused by the hair...
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