What was the last DVD you bought?

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Post by rdmcphee »

You can buy Get Ready to be Boyzvoiced from Nordid DVD in Norway. Just make sure your DVD player is multizone.

http://nordicdvd.net/index.php?lang_id= ... tem_id=822
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Post by profernity »

I have a copy recorded from SBS...and the soundtrack in FLAC form. Fan much?
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Post by Eddie Blake »

Total Drama Island Collection 1.

Now on the hunt for Collection 2.
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Post by ewe2 »

Third series of Big Bang Theory. I'll just go and get the Spanish Inquisition, shall I?
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Post by yeahbutnobut92 »

Robin Hood: Men in Tights.
Purely to complete the Brooks collection. :)
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Post by skel »

Just got the Back To the Future trilogy on blu ray and man, does it look sweet. The much hyped eric Stoltz footage didn't amount to anything. About three comparison shots without audio. But the transfer is awesome!
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Post by ShitScared »

NewsRadio - Season 5
SNL - Season 1
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Post by stupidmeatball »

Kick-Ass Blu-Ray
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What was the last DVD you bought?

Post by foolhardycousingeorge »

I enjoyed Murder Most Horrid. My favourite episode was Murder at Tea Time, in which Dawn French played a children's television show presenter.

Bean Is A Carrot wrote:I enjoyed Murder Most Horrid. There's a good episode with Graeme Garden, where he's the only person working on a local newspaper and he has to do different voices on the phone to pretend they have a big staff.
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Post by menagers »

There is a sweet collection of $9 Blu Rays going at Big W at the moment. I picked up Nolan's The Prestige and Kubrick's 2001. Both Directors that Blu Ray was made for, I reckon.
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