Movies and TV shows that you watched at school

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Movies and TV shows that you watched at school

Post by foolhardycousingeorge »

I came across this topic during a random Google search. I thought it could make a good topic to discuss here.

What movies and TV shows do we remember watching at school?

Many come to mind. To start with, the movies. Bear in mind, this was through the eighties to the early nineties.

Storm Boy
BMX Bandits
The Red Balloon
Across the Great Divide

The Ugly Duckling. I recall that this was done with stop motion animation. I have had no success tracking it down on Youtube.
Cornflakes for Tea
Gypsy Goes to the Country. This was about a dog. It was produced by the Leyland Brothers. One of the stars even came to our school to talk about the movie.
The Karate Kid
Tom Thumb (Made in 1958)
War of the Worlds
The Time Machine
Watching the animated version of Charlotte's Web while on board a coach heading to our Grade 6 School Camp in Bright, Victoria.

Others I recall are short films with an educational slant.

An observational documentary about Customs and Quarantine at an airport.

American films about bike safety (I think it could have been Peddlin' Safety), and fire safety.

A cartoon about energy conservation.

Lemonade Stand, No Fair This was about some boys setting up a lemonade stand to earn pocket money. One character had a little brother. They didn't treat him well, even when he helped the older kids get a lot of customers. He went to tell some road workers about the lemonade stand, getting a lot of sales.

Finally, anything produced by Britain's Children's Film Foundation. My school would have 'Saturday Morning Films' and 'School Holiday Films'. CFF films were always shown, preceded by short films. The only ones I recall were called The Scavenger (about a boy roaming around a golf course collecting lost golf balls), and It's Just Not Cricket.

In High School, most films we watched was based on whatever book or play we were studying.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's News
The Outsiders
The Accidental Tourist
Miracles Still Happen
Adaptations of Shakespeare plays like Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet
Abandon Ship
The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Then, there were the films we watched in my Media Studies classes.

Pretty In Pink
The Breakfast Club
The Wild One
Easy Rider
Puberty Blues
Blue Fin


These were usually ABC schools programs. On occasion, we were shown documentaries, or dramas. They were related to what we were studying in class. I do remember seeing National Geographic documentaries about polar bears, and earthquakes. Another was a miniseries about the first modern Olympics. Whatever we watched, was then discussed in class afterwards.

Behind the News. This was our introduction to taking notes, then writing essays.

Insight. an ABC science show.

Flip Slide Turn. Benita Collings and John Waters from Play School were presenters on this. In one episode, they drove around, looking for cylinders. They found tins, concrete tunnels, and machinery like steam rollers.

Infinity Limited. - another science show. Stefan Dennis was on this before Neighbours.

Ziggy Zoom.

The Magic Bag. This was all about words and grammar. Each episode came with a worksheet that we had to complete for homework. It had cartoon segments with characters called Gumpies. There were skits that starred magician, Ian Buckland, and actors like Max Gillies, and Wendy Harmer. Some of the people who later became stars on Fast Forward were on this show.

Words and Pictures [/i.] This was back in Prep, when we were learning to read.

For the Juniors.. A Google Search found that this show is still in production.

Upper Primary Media This was our introduction to Media Studies. I remember episodes about fads and marketing, a family sitcom, the making of a TV commercial for the Wales bank, and episodes starring Mel Gibson and Penny Cook.

A period drama called The Colonials. Perhaps this was made by the same people behind Rush and Seven Little Australians.

Ten For Gold: a documentary about Bruce Jenner training for and competing in the 1976 Olympics.

Then in High School...

The miniseries Women of the Sun.

The World At War

A special called Down to Earth. This was produced by Channel 10. It had lots of segments about taking care of the environment. Among them, Elle McPherson shared tips on how to make compost.

In a maths class I do recall some show about trigonometry. In it, Julie McGregor sang a song about right angled triangles to the tune of Waltzing Matilda.

Each year in High School English/Humanities, we would study comedy. In Year 7, we looked at how families were portrayed. From Year 7-10, we watched shows like Punky Brewster and Leave It to Beaver. In Year 10, we watched The Young Ones, Fawlty Towers, and Round The Twist.

In a science class we watched a BBC special about the AIDS virus. One of the presenters was Graeme Garden.

A 'The Making Of' special about the film Blue Fin. This was presented by John Waters.

In Italian class we were shown The San Remo Song Festival.

My VCE Graphic Communication class watched a couple of episodes of a documentary called Design Classics. One was about the Sony Walkman, the other was about the Coca Cola bottle.

In Australian Studies we watched The Year of the Patronizing Bastard; Andrew Denton's award winning special about disability.


That's all from me on this topic. Can anyone else recall what they watched at school?
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Re: Movies and TV shows that you watched at school

Post by Mcbeth10 »

Ooh! This is nostalgic. I still remember coming back from school and sitting in front of the television to watch my favorite series. Now, it’s even easier to watch shows because of internet and websites like Netflix. My kids can watch Andy Yeatman Netflix shows at any time of the day.
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