predictions for the new year. (sink the slipper forum style)

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predictions for the new year. (sink the slipper forum style)

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Here are my two cents! Feel free to join in on this one!

Ricky Gervais runs out of ideas and ends his life "accidently" in the same manner as Chris Farley, we end up seeing his once cheeky (but now blaoted and swollen) corpse with the rest of his dignity.

Rapper 50 cent gets shot, my guess. From another no talent Rapper.

Nicole Kidman drops Keith Urban for someone else.

Tom Cruise does somthing (or says somthing) stupid, we all laugh and move about our day. Whilst Mr Cruise starts his own Wacoesque cult.

OASIS release a really good album that surpases any of the BEATLES rip offs they have copied in the past and actually sound original, probably by firing Liam and getting the old members back.

Tupac releases another album, again.

East 17 and Boyzone records appear on Antiques Roadshow and are appraised as more valuble than low number Beatles White Albums.

Jennifer Lopez signs a pre nup with herself.

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