Some Comments on Series 1

Chat and reminisce about The Late Show, an Australian comedy series which aired on ABC from 1992- 1993.

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Some Comments on Series 1

Post by bronal »

I'm currently watching Series 1 on YouTube. The quality is pretty good and seems better than a VHS transfer. I wonder where it came from?

Some things I've noticed are:

1 Jason Stephens has a higher profile and is involved in more things than in Series 2. I wonder why. Was he starting his production career at the same time and was therefore less available when Series 2 came around?

2 Tony Martin seems to involved in just about everything.

3 a lot of the material would simply not be allowed these days - but of course that applies to a lot of the comedy of the time.

4 am I the only person who thinks Santo Cilauro is the weakest link in the chain? He has a very limited range of characters. Perhaps he's better as a writer than a performer.

5 Jane Kennedy is an absolute star.