S01E02 Daishitsu Remastered

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S01E02 Daishitsu Remastered

Post by switchopens »

I know I said it might be a little while before I had time to remaster another clip, but I forgot I'd done most of the work on this one already so I figured I'd put my head down and just finish it.

I present the Daishitsu, in all its glory.


Comparison clip - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCD7aXxSfk0 (as before, it changes every 10 seconds to show how it compares to the original)

Again, it's not perfect but it's an improvement (I still can't get rid of all that ghosting, no matter how hard I try).

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Re: S01E02 Daishitsu Remastered

Post by servese43 »

Another impressive effort! It's pretty much impossible to remove all the ghosting, but what you've done is fantastic. It makes for much more enjoyable viewing with the ghosting being barely visible and no longer distracting.
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