Mike Gatting clip is now a GIF

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Mike Gatting clip is now a GIF

Post by foolhardycousingeorge »

Remember the clip from Tom's news segment, in which English cricketer, Mike Gatting is seen swearing?

This is now a GIF file.


I was reminded that some time ago, a VFL match on Fox Footy was showing on the TV where I go to play trivia. I spotted one of the coaches sitting in the coach's box. He could be seen uttering the 'F' word.

"Gosh and bother."

I uttered to myself.
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Re: Mike Gatting clip is now a GIF

Post by ShitScared »

That's from our Champagne Comedy channel :D

You can check out what else we've put up there here, if you're interested: https://giphy.com/channel/tlschampagne
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