Your favourite Late Show moments!

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All this talk has made me want to plan a family trip (no menagers, don't do it! Don't forget how feral the little bastards can get! Just keep waiting, someday, somewhere, someone will build the parental cone of silence)... ah don't mind me, just some self talk. Been watching too much Life on Mars (totally dissed on the lack of snog too! Grrr.)

But yeah, as much as we love to hang shit on this place, wouldn't you just be devo to learn that the recession has hit, and there will be no more Lynch Lime, animatronics safety warnings, and impossible to decipher connect-the-dots? Jeepers, I know I would. Righto, definitely off to sink some funds into rural tourism next holidays.
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kelly country

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that's weird, there must have been another glenrowan thread here...

my mates and i passed through the town during a skiing road-trip in 1996. took the photos, mocked the attraction, recited our favourite lines ad nauseum ("damn, i'm still in glenrowan!"). hell, i reckon we conversed almost entirely in late show one-liners for a good five years ... are there any programs on TV today that are that influential in terms of catchphrases?

maybe i'm getting old, but i can't think of any.
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Post by Lenny_the_Lamb »

I love it when they are staring blankly at the gun battle after reading the sign "This show can and does scare people of all ages"

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Bill Bryson writes about visiting the animatronic display in his book about Australia and has the same response as Mick and Tone, just stunned and delighted at how pissweak it is! It's a very funny read, particularly for those who remember the Late Show visit.
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Post by burger »

I thought of The Late Show too when I read that section. The whole book made me giggle.... His description of Canberra is classic.
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Yeah Bill Bryson is excellent. We could start a whole new thread on that bloke...
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Can someone with the collection at hand and the abilty, upload the whole sketch - I need to explain Kelly Kola and Red Ned to someone.

There is the credit montage on one of the Tube sites (thanks ABC) but no gift shop action.

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My favourite line from the sketch is in the animatronic display:
"You can't hurt me! I'm made of steel!"

Only for Tony to say on the commentary "I'm made of steel!"
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Post by rdmcphee »

Foolhardycousingeorge and I just got back from a weekend in Wangaratta via Glenrowan.

The wishing well is gone. Unless we were looking in the wrong place, we couldn't find it. The Ned Kelly animatronic show is still operating with the same owner that Mick and Tony met. After a fire in 2002 which destroyed the whole complex it was completely rebuilt.

We talked to him and he seemed like a nice man, but he still walks around ringing his bell. Still, he's very passionate about Ned Kelly and you can't knock him for that.

The gift shop is still selling the same activity book containing the Ned Kelly dot to dot, which has been in print since 1979.

A little girl who was there with her mum got scared so she had to take her outside for a few minutes to recover. It turns out the disclaimer sign out the front warning that this attraction frightens people of all ages is necessary after all.
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Re: Glenrowan

Post by foolhardycousingeorge »

A couple I know, took their children on a road trip through Victoria, and towns in Southern New South Wales.

They mentioned stopping in Glenrowan. They were just as underwhelmed by their experience in Glenrowan, as Mick and Tony were.
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