Champagne Comedy running costs

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Champagne Comedy running costs

Post by kim »

Hi all!

I've just renewed my hosting deal for again. It costs a couple of hundred dollars a year, but I think it's worth paying as the service is quite reliable and the customer support has been really efficient.

Thing is, I've got far more outgoings these days - so it would be great if any members with a spare $5 or so helped to contribute to the running costs. Don't worry, I will keep the site ad-free and up and online, but if anyone is interested in contributing anything at all no matter how small, you can do so via PayPal to kimgilmour at Anything to help reduce the cost would be much appreciated!

Thanks everyone for making the forum community such a thriving place on the interweb.

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Post by ShitScared »

Kim, send me your details and I shall give you an xmas pressie in a form of a donation :)
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Post by BAZZA13 »

And this PM classic:

Get fucked.
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Post by stupidmeatball »

I won't be able to for a couple of weeks, but I should be able to before Xmas no worries.
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Post by Willsy »

let me know if my donation doesn't come through $20AU. Keep up the good work
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Post by menagers »

No problem Kim. Here's my pledge, and I will pay up next week.
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Post by 13 schoolyards »

Once Xmas budgeting is out of the way, I'll cough up some cash too.
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Post by Three Thumbs Up »

I'd be delighted to chip in some bucks for such a great service. Please let me know how to contribute.
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Post by Kippers »

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Post by Ontos »

Some things are worth paying for.
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