Charlie the wonderdog

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Charlie the wonderdog

Post by Bootlebumtrinket »

I really really really want the themesong for charlie the wonderdog in either wav or mp3. Can anyone help me?
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Post by guthrdavkfc »

*sniggers* that is so annoying the theme song.
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Post by BenG »

Its actually Jane singing!

I will try and get an MP3 up soon.
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Charlie the Wonderdog

Post by foolhardycousingeorge »

I remember how on the commentary for The Late Show DVDs, it was said that Charlie the Wonderdog was inspired by various 'badly acted kid's shows'. I'm guessing that this show, Secret Valley, could have been one them.

The elements in this clip. acting, dialogue, stereotypical villains, reminded me of Charlie.
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Post by Jen »

I can see what you mean - pretty dodgy. I've seen a few of the locally produced children's series on TV at the moment and it doesn't look like the standard has improved much since last century.
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