Martin Molloy Live at Melbourne Town Hall

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Martin Molloy Live At Melbourne Town Hall

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Super Dave wrote:Hello All,

Sorry to dredge up a long unused thread everyone, but I was wondering if the above mentioned photo was ever posted anywhere here? You see, I would be very interested to see it as there is a small chance that I may actually be in it - I was one of the audience members at the live show that was called up to do a comedy heckle on stage for Radio Gladiators during the broadcast. It's still my only brush with Tony, and if there was visual evidence of that in existence, man that'd be a treat.

Super Dave,

I still have the photo, which I haven't posted anywhere else yet.

I do remember the heckling challenge for Radio Gladiators, since I was not game enough to get up to take part, but no one else from my table was either.

I could scan the picture and post it on The Late Show Facebook group?

Do you remember what your heckle was? From memory, they were all pretty loud.
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Post by baudrillard »

Well you can listen to them now!

Just posted this special live episode in the Martin-Molloy thread.
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