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I know quite a few people on here will be on Twitter already, but I thought it might be an idea to have a dedicated thread for it where us Twits can leave our usernames and follow each other or what have you, if we're not already. I'm @2MuchApplePie
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It's original.
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Because I am.
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I just want to pop him on a bit of toast and eat him right up.
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where drivvle is my middle name
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I don't write much, just read (sort of the opposite of here)
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I don't post nearly as much mindless drivel on Twitter as I do on Facebook.
Now a'Tweetin'.
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I would've chosen the same name I use here but that's been taken by a squatter with 0 tweets. Credit to a certain Mr Martin for the inspiration :)
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If i get followers I might actually start using it :D
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@ewe2 via the principle of least astonishment
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