Reach up, piss-fart around

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Reach up, piss-fart around

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Hey everyone! I'm a fan of the D-Gen/Working Dog team. I'm a bit young to have seen the D-Gen or the Late Show, so my only experience so far is what's on the various DVD releases, but I grew up with Frontline. I had a crush on Jane Kennedy, was also enamoured with Alison Whyte and her marvellous performance as Emma, and developed a love for Tiriel Mora, Rob Sitch, and Santo Cilauro.

My older brothers had the Olden Days and Bargearse on VHS releases. The first time I watched TOD, I literally pissed my pants. Later, I would borrow his Champagne Edition DVD and binge watch it almost on repeat from start to finish, locating all the easter eggs. I particularly liked Accidentally Was Released, Skivvies Are Back, and anything with Geoff and Terry (FIFTY BUCKS! FIFTY BUCKS!)

I now have my own DVD copies of Frontline (1-3 boxset), TOD/Bargearse, Champagne Edition, and the Best of the D-Gen. I'm itching to get my DVD collection out of storage!

Fun fact: the outdoor swimming pool used for Poolside Shitscared was the one my high-school booked for their swimming days in Balwyn. I'd recognise that diving board anywhere! It's since been renovated (late '00s?), which I'm sad about just because of the Late Show history that was made there (not that it didn't desperately need renovating :D ). I'm pretty sure I recognise the indoor one too, which was in Ivanhoe if I'm right, and has also been heavily renovated in the last few years.
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Re: Reach up, piss-fart around

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Welcome aboard, SkivviesAreBack!
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Re: Reach up, piss-fart around

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SkivviesAreBack wrote: Fri Aug 17, 2018 12:25 am I grew up with Frontline. I had a crush on Jane Kennedy,
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