Casey Hribar has passed away

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Re: Casey Hribar has passed away

Post by kim »

Hi Tifu, thank you for coming online and setting the record straight about your brother. I'm very sorry to hear about the sudden circumstances of his passing.
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Re: Casey Hribar has passed away

Post by Big Props »

Thanks for the post and clearing things up Tifu.
Very sad circumstances indeed. My best wishes and thoughts are with you and your mum.

I sincerely appologise if my post caused any harm - it never meant too.
My only interactions with Casey/Bauds were on this forum and through PM's here.
I don't have Facebook, so never got to see any of the other posts or gossip you mentioned.
I hope you get in touch with Justin Hamilton and let him know your thoughts.

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Re: Casey Hribar has passed away

Post by burger »

Goodbye bauds
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Re: Casey Hribar has passed away

Post by hegartez »

Wow- that's so sad to think about, I've always had such a strong image of him slaving over his ancient VCRs to extract that MM gold for us all to enjoy!
I never met him but all the online comms I had with him were either him being generous or guiding me around potential stormy waters in the forum...

So sad - always he remembered as a generous contributor on so many levels!
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Re: Casey Hribar has passed away

Post by half goon half god »

Met Casey at a Root gig in Adelaide years and years ago. Sad news.
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Re: Casey Hribar has passed away

Post by SeanRodger »

Jesus. I only just checked Casey's FB page after not seeing anything from him in some time, and was confronted with this terrible news :( Casey was the only person from the forum that I've actually talked to over the phone. He was great at listening to me ramble about my problems. I was supposed to meet him for drinks while he was in Sydney, but something came up and I cancelled. I really, really regret that now. You are missed, my friend.
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