Where you least expect it

I was at a Christmas party yesterday where there were quite a few of us Antipodeans and I heard this girl Delia say, ‘…kinda like The Late Show or D-Generation humour.’ I then proceeded to get quite excited by the fact that people still like the show.

Apparently, Delia (hello, if you finally found this page) was like me in that she stayed in and watched the show at 10pm, by herself after saying goodnight to her mum. She didn’t quite understand how we were fans when we weren’t from Melbourne, but I didn’t need to listen to any 1990 breakfast show to ‘get’ the D-Gen when TLS burst on to the scene.

Then this other girl Alana overheard us talking and quietly said, ‘Excuse me, but are you two talking about The Late Show? I loved that show!’ Alana then proceeded to do her best Tanya Blencowe expression.

It was quite funny as other people had no idea what we were talking about, especially the English people, but I often get that glazed look on my face when people talk about sport (much like Tony does).

Anyway, the moral of the story is, LATE SHOW FANS EXIST WHERE YOU LEAST EXPECT IT.

In other news, don’t forget that Steve has revised his Late Show page (UPDATE 2011: Site has since closed) and there’s even a new sponsor (I really encourage you to take a look!).

That’s all for now – have a merry Christmas everyone and make sure your Christmas tree doesn’t explode!

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