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ChampagneComedy.com – This is a fan site only, written by and for the fans who actively support The Late Show and the original cast’s current activities, and this site has been online in some form since 1996.

This is a non-profit fan page and operations to keep the site running are paid from the owner’s pocket – at their own expense. Has been since the beginning. That’s how much we love their work. We do not print or use links that are ‘revenue raising’ for this site. We just highly promote where to get merchandise from, where ever it is most accessible.

The owner of this site, and associated parties, have nothing to do with:

  • Australian Broadcasting Corporation – who originally aired the series
  • The D-Generation Pty Ltd
  • Working Dog
  • International Skylarking Pty Ltd
  • Molloy Boy Productions
  • Any television, radio, print media and publisher that create or produce anything that is associated with the individual cast members and/or as a group.

We source our news and information from various areas, either from tip-offs from regular readers, to direct contact with the people involved.

If you want the official Working Dog site with their Facebook / Twitter / YouTube accounts, visit www.workingdog.com

All comments, citations and fan-produced analyses on the site are our own. The main web log (blog) and forum is available to have open discussion for constructive and critiquing purposes. Though the owner and administrators have the right to remove or edit any printed material that may cause offense and legal issues where applicable.

Got an issue with anything on the main site or in the discussion forum?Our e-mail is in the News Desk Updates part of the menu on the right. Either Kim or Matt will respond.

Please do not contact us about full episodes. Unfortunately we do not and cannot provide this service, no matter what you are prepared to offer.
Your best bet is to seek more of the internet / Twitter / YouTube and hope to get lucky. We hate writing rejection e-mails!