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The Mick Molloy Show Episode 8

Guide by Steve.
Originally broadcast Saturday August 28, 1999

This turned out to be the last ever The Mick Molloy Show, with rumours the cast and crew were informed during the following week. The show did not return. Guest author Mark Thomson talks about his book “Meat, Metal, Fire – The Legendary Australian Barbecue”. Another setback for the last show was the fact that Tony and Judith were still in Edinborough for the Comedy Festival and, although they appeared live via satellite, it would have been fitting to have them in the studio, given their enormous contribution to the show.

Unfortunately The last segment of the show has not surfaced amongst fans, so I have no information for the running sheet.

  • Safeway commercial with Pete Smith.
  • Intro.
  • On the couch with Hessy, Bob and Dave, talking about Matt Shirvington, Ian Thorpe, the Olympic pool, the MCG scoreboard catching fire, John and Noni and All Star Squares.


  • Guest Band: JebediahAnimal“.

< Commercial Break >

  • Shonky Golf clip.
  • On the couch with Bob talking correct footwear.
  • Bob’s Scrapbook

< Commercial Break >

  • Shonky Golf clip.
  • Judith Live from Edinborough.


< Commercial Break >

  • Tony Martin Live from Edinborough.
  • Shonky Golf clip.
  • On the couch with Bob and Dave.
  • Dave as a Security Guard.


< Commercial Break >

  • On the couch with Bob, Dave and Mark Thomson.
  • Shonky Golf clip.

< Commercial Break >

  • On the couch with Pendo, Bob and Dave.
  • Sport with Pendo talking about the World Swimming Championships, cricket and the Winter Xtreme Games.
  • Shonky Golf clip.


< Commercial Break >

  • Loose Booty – Greek Family Robinson.

<Segment Incomplete >

If you happen to have the full final episode or the last three minutes, please contact us directly

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