Get This

Get This was a radio show on the Triple M radio network from 2006 to 2007. Hosted by Tony Martin, the show started with Ed Kavalee and a couple of non-permanent panel operators in the first year, until Richard Marsland took over. Later on in 2006, Richard became more involved, and in 2007, the team became a permanent trio.

The show moved 3 times during the 2 year run:

  • 9am to 10am in 2006 (1 hour)
  • 11am to 1pm in 2007 (2 hour) for first half of the year
  • 2pm to 4pm in 2007 (2 hour) for second half of the year.

Every show had a different co-host, accept for the debut first episode, which did not have a co-host.

A CD Illegal Download was released with best bits of the show – only 1000 were printed, and was not commercially available to purchase. The CDs were given away to random callers.

A t-shirt for Capril was printed in a limited edition amount, which were given away to callers randomly too.


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