Return to The Late Show

Season 1 Episode 7

Episode guide credit: Steve

Originally broadcast Saturday August 29, 1992

Foreign Correspondent with George Negus.


Opening Titles.

Opening Remarks: Political party ads, Alan Bond free, Australian legal system.

News Desk:
* Yugoslavian peace talks
* Alan Bond
* Man drives through Parliament House
* Hurricane Andrew
* Lord Carrington (Rob)

Ill Conceived Records – 20 Inappropriate Love Themes.


Hunt for Hecklers (Aaron Beaucaire Appearance).

The Olden Days: Episode Seven “I’d Kill For A Coffee”.

Commercial Crimestoppers:
* I.K.D. Country Style
* BeDazzler
* Lada Cars (last week’s previously unknown ad)

Tony’s Stand Up: Neil Diamond, Tony’s Billy Bragg Song.


Diana’s Love Line.

Countdown Classics: “Great Songwriters”. Adrian Gurvits, Racey, Lucky Stars, Captain and Tennille, Plastic Bertrand, Rupert Holmes, Charlene.

Over The Top Pest Control.

Geoff and Terry Bailey: Master Builders (Home Cladding).


Toilet Break: The Natural Seven “Summer Holiday”.

Kilo’s Galore with Barry and Gary Bargearse.

Empties Night Club.

On The Couch: Jane’s dolls, Jase’s dolls, Basic Instinct doll.

New Desk Update:
* Iraq exclusion zone
* Rose Hancock
* sex charge on priest
* helicopter crash

Mick and Jase’s Slide Show to Wobbie’s World.


Graham and the Colonel. Ticker tape parade, Mick Doohan, cricket, Steve Monaghetti.

Closing: Bert Newton Art Competition.


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