Thank God You’re Here

Thank God You’re Here is an improvisational comedy television show that originated in Australia and has since been adapted in various countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, and several others. The show first premiered in Australia in 2006 and quickly became a hit due to its unique format and hilarious performances.

Presented by Shane Bourne and judged by Tom Gleisner, the concept of the show revolves around celebrity guests who are thrust into a scene without any prior knowledge or script. They must rely solely on their improvisational skills and comedic instincts to respond and interact with the other actors in the scene. The catchphrase “Thank God You’re Here” is uttered by the host as the celebrity enters the scene, setting up the premise that the guest has been transported into a different situation or world.

Each episode features several different sketches, with the guest stepping into a new scene for each one. The scenes often parody various genres, such as soap operas, historical dramas, crime shows, or workplace situations. The celebrity’s objective is to navigate the scene and deliver funny and spontaneous responses, often leading to unexpected and hilarious outcomes.

The show’s success can be attributed to the combination of talented guest celebrities and a skilled ensemble cast of improvisational actors who create a supportive and dynamic environment for the guests to shine. The unexpected nature of the sketches and the guests’ reactions often result in comedic surprises and memorable moments.

Thank God You’re Here has had numerous iterations in different countries, with slight variations in format and cast. Some adaptations have featured recurring celebrity guests, while others have included guest judges or a competitive element where the best performer is selected. The show has garnered critical acclaim and won several awards, including Logie Awards and Australian Comedy Awards.

Seasons One to Four have been released on DVD, with Season Five returning to Channel 10 in 2023 with new host Celia Pacquola.


Channel 10

  • Season One (2006)
  • Season Two (2006)
  • Season Three (2007)
  • Season Five (2023)

Channel 7

  • Season Four (2009)