The Joy Of Sets

The Joy Of Sets

The Joy Of Sets

An 8 x 22 minute show hosted by Tony Martin  and Ed Kavalee. Originally broadcasted in 2011 on Channel 9. Shown originally at 9pm Tuesday nights, the show was moved to a later time slot of 10:30pm after four episodes due to low ratings.

Each episode covered various themes that would be present in everyday television. From Reality to Drama to Comedy, to opening titles and content. Each episode had a special guest who would come through the ‘mystery door’ and would talk about their experience on that theme. Each episode had a running gag appearance of Warwick Capper.

The show was pre-recorded with a live audience at Media City in Sydney. A game was played called ‘Not On My Network‘ with an audience member chosen to guess which one of the three TV show titles was real. The audience member would “win” an item from Joy of Sets Gift Shop.

The show ran for one season.


Episode One – September 20, 2011

  • “Sell The Meat” – Opening Titles
  • Guest: Peter Phelps.
  • Gift Shop Presenter: Michael Luciano – original male model from Sale of The Century 1981.
    • Gift Shop Prizes: Wide World Of Sports Quiz boardgame, Con The Fruiterer doll, Dr Who T-Shirt – size Small, The Joy Of Sets on VHS.
      • Not On My Network Titles: Messin’ With Your Pets, You Can Get Arrested For That, Heil Honey I’m Home.


Episode Two – September 27, 2011

  • “The Secret Behind Masterchef” – Cooking
  • Guest: Justine Schofield.
  • Gift Shop Presenter: Alana Orley – original prize model from Let’s Make A Deal the 1970s Jimmy Hannan version.
    • Gift Shop Prizes: The Young & The Restless Cookbook, Love Thy Neighbour – the most racist TV sitcom on DVD, a replica Silver Logie worth more than the real thing, Bert’s Family Feud boardgame.
      • Not On My Network Titles: Can’t Touch This, Close To The Bone, Forbidden Fruit.


Episode Three – October 4, 2011

  • “Renovations” – Renovation Shows
  • Guest: Glenn Robbins
  • Gift Shop Presenter: Claudia Bell – Price Is Right model from 3rd re-encarnation hosted by Horrie Dargie in 1963
    • Gift Shop Prizes: Young Talent Time 15th Anniversay Album, Microchip from the original Bob Morrison, The Dukes of Hazzard scale model General Lee, Scale model of Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane.
      • Not On My Network Titles: My Dwarf Gypsy Family, Family Island, Date My Mom.


Episode Four – October 11, 2011

  • “Fun Family Freakshow” – Families
  • Guests: Scott Cam, Deborah Hutton
  • Gift Shop Presenter: Mya Gomez – Pool shoving prize model from 1994’s Man-O-Man 
    • Gift Shop Prizes: Hi-5 Memory Game, Mr Squiggle and the Preposterous Purple Crocodile book, authentic Plucka Duck doll, a script of this episode of Joy Of Sets.
      • Not On My Network Titles: Tanked, Nail Me, How Would Jesus Do It?

Fun fact: Site admin Kim was an extra on this show, after discovering that Tony and the team were looking for fans to appear on a skit about The Block. Here’s a pic of when she met Tony!


Episode Five – October 18, 2011

  • “Send It Down To Forensic” – Justice
  • Guest: Martin Sacks
  • Gift Shop Presenter: Gareth Walker – original male model from 1992’s Keynotes semi-hosted by Richard Wilkins.
    • Gift Shop Prizes: Nick & Jessica Variety Hour on DVD – containing 1 episode, Scooby Doo Mystery Machine, The Six Million Dollar Man boardgame, Dr Who Dalek.
      • Not On My Network Titles: In-Laws In Law, Steel Justice, Loose Cannon.


Episode Six – October 25, 2011

  • “Who Killed Warwick Capper” – Eliminations
  • Guest: Rob Carlton
  • Gift Shop Presenter: Rebecca Collins – original model from mid 90s game show Talking Telephone Numbers
    • Gift Shop Prizes: The Best of Ernie & Bert VHS, Tonight Live With Steve Vizard coffee mug, Australian Idol boardgame, bottle of genuine Blankety Blanks lemonade
      • Not On My Network Titles: Deadliest Game, P.O.W., Away


Episode Seven – November 1, 2011

  • “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?” – Things Going Wrong
  • Guest: Pete Smith
  • Girt Shop Presenter: Thomas Keneally – author of Schindler’s List
    • Gift Shop Prizes: The Hooley Dooleys – Keep On Dancing VHS, What TV Show Is That? jigsaw puzzle, rare Copper Logie, the remains of the Channel 7 Sunrise Cash Cow.
      • Not On My Network Titles: Singing And Swinging, Naked Jungle, Bang My Bitch


Episode Eight – November 8, 2011

  • “The Final Curtain or Begging For A Second Series” – Loose Ends
  • Guest: Peter Helliar
  • Gift Shop Presenter: Warwick Capper
    • Gift Shop Prizes: Fool Forward: The Capper Autobiography, Capper Uncut – the Warwick Capper adult film, ‘I Only Take What’s Mine’: the cass-single by Warwick Capper, Penthouse Black Label ‘All Capper’ edition, “Quantum Physics Explained’ book by Warwick Capper.
      • Not On My Network Titles: Not played due to Warwick Capper’s pants being shot off.


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