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Season 1 Episode 6

Episode guide credit: Steve

Originally broadcast Saturday August 22, 1992

John Farnham and Glenn Wheatley – Jesus Christ Superstar.


Opening Titles.

Opening Remarks: Fergie and Woody Allen’s financial advise, The Joy of Financial Advice.

News Desk:

* Budget week
* John Dawkins
* Peter Reith (Rob)
* Sarah Ferguson
* Presidential Campaign
* George Bush (Rob)
* Woody Allen (Tony) & Mia Farrow (Jane)
* Sylvania Waters – Commercial TV version

Butchs Hair Salon.

Countdown Classics: “Ladies of Countdown”. Marcia Hines, Cheetah, Christie Allen, Linda Ronstadt, Pussyfoot, Noosha Fox, Elton John, Promises.


The Olden Days: Episode Six “Frontbottom Gets The Shaft”.

Muckraking: Marilyn Monroe’s death TV special.

Actors before they were actors: Robert DeNiro.


Mr. Chuckles’ tax audit.

Interior Design with Max Meehan (Jase) & Alfonzo Valari (Santo) with Jane interviewing.

Commercial Crimestoppers:

* Doberman Shutters
* Bavarian Shutters
* unknown ad and competition

Shitscared: Mt Hotham.

Toilet Break: Just Jeans commercial, The Four Kinsmen doing Ice T.


News Desk Update:

* Janet Holmes A’Court,
* UN convoy
* Ambulance service
* US Presidential election

Pissweak Colonial World.

Album cover demonstrations.


Hack 2000 food processor.

Dog food.

Graham and the Colonel. Parliament, cricket

Closing: Worst album covers.


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