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Season 2 Episode 15

Episode guide credit: Steve

Originally broadcast Saturday September 25, 1993

Watching the Olympics.

Opening Titles.

Opening Remarks: Mick and Judith. Where’s Tony, AFL Grand Final, John Fahey (Rob), Olympics in French, Judith and Jane’s Taxi driver fan.

News Desk:

  • Sydney Olympic announcement
  • Beijing promotional video
  • Istanbul final presentation
  • Bruce McAvaney (Rob)
  • Paul Keating U.K. visit
  • John Dawkins resignation (John Blackman Telecom MobileNet)

Dedicated to Wigs.

A Man and his Moofies: Arnold Schwarzenegger (Tony) and Mick. (Aaron Beaucaire Appearance).

Citizen Kane.

Musical Piss-takes: The Sharp “Skivvies Are Back”.

Cosmetics Talk: Jane interviewing Judith about her range of cosmetics and cosmetic surgery.

Exorcism Frank (Mick) and Tina (Judith) Martin.

Beijing 2000 Debrief.

Bargearse: “I Dream of Bargearse”.

Ticket Competition Entries.

Toilet Break: Rita Eldridge.

Graham and the Colonel.

Closing: Tomorrow night’s repeat.

Musical Finale: Simon Townsend (Pete Townsend) “Who”.