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The Mick Molloy Show Episode 2

Guide by Steve.
Originally broadcast Saturday July 17, 1999


On the couch – Paul Hester, Tony Martin, Bob Franklin.

  • complaints
  • Highlights package from first episode
  • Highlights package for this episode


Guest band: Velvet Tongue

Checking in on the Neigbours again.

On the couch with Paul, Tony and Bob:

  • John Howard
  • John Laws cash for comments
  • Stephen King’s car accident

Bob and Pendo talk to Manchester United players visiting Melbourne.


Judith Lucy live from New York

Mick at Corowa “Dogs in Utes” Muster

Complimentary letter


How Delightful – Tourist photograph

Largest Living Things: “Crooked Fence”

On the couch with Paatschy, Tony and Bob:

  • Next Royal Olympian
  • George Michael
  • Pete Sampras and Barbara Streisand
  • Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee
  • Calista Flockhart on Letterman
  • Bill Gates’ movie, Stanley Kubrick

Street Interviews with Tony and Mini Mick.


Video Clip: Weird Al Yankovic “The Saga Begins”.

Bob’s Scrapbook :Funk & Wagnells approach Bob.


Guest Band: Harvey St.James ComboDirty Laundry

IMT dance sketch.

On the couch with Pendo, Rick Charlesworth and Louise Dobson to talk hockey.

On the couch with Tony and Paatschy (and Rick & Louise):

  • Prince
  • The Matrix 2 & 3
  • South Park: The Movie
  • The Chimp Channel
  • Late Mail


Vox Pop (IMT footage with Tony’s voiceover).


Largest Living Things with Bob on Harmonica “Let’s Get Involved“.


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