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Now on Your Streaming Service

Too lazy to put your DVD into the player to watch a movie? Let a streaming service do it for you. Some of your favourite films are now available to stream on Netflix and Stan (and earn the creators a few coffees in royalty cheques). Some of these links are Netflix below because Stan won’t allow …

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Any Rentals For Ben?

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Instead of writing about the DVD release of Working Dog‘s latest movie feature Any Questions For Ben?, I thought I might change things up and write about  how I viewed it. You see, I never got the chance to see AQFB at the cinemas when it was released nationwide. I had plenty of opportunities to check it …

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AQFB Article: How Melbourne Became Cool

If you have seen the film Any Questions For Ben? you’d notice how Director Rob Sitch captures the essence of Melbourne. In  fact, journalist Angela Saurine has done one further, and had a one-on-one chat with Sitch to get a rundown on some of the best hot spots of Melbourne. From cafes to rooftop cinemas, …

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Thinking About Movies?

Just a friendly reminder that the entertaining film by Working Dog is still currently at the cinemas – Any Questions For Ben? Do yourself a favour and see it. If you’ve seen it, see it again!

Rob Sitch on In Gordon Street Tonight

Former Spicks And Specks host Adam Hills is back with the second season of In Gordon Street Tonight. The first episode was launched tonight (Wednesday 8th February) with the first guests Rob Sitch and Josh Lawson, promoting Any Questions For Ben. Sitch briefly spoke about how they had to alter a park to get the autumn …

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Any Questions For Ben? Getting Social

Have you hopped onto the Twitter and Facebook bandwagon yet? If not – why are you on the internet? Social media is a strong, powerful tool which allows the general public to interact with each other and express thoughts, opinions and discussions about anything at all. You can even interact with your favourite actor, musician …

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AQFB Article: Location, Location, Location

Source: smh.com.au The articles and reviews are being laid on thick with Any Questions For Ben? due out in cinemas February 9. Sydney Morning Herald‘s journalist John Mangan talks to Working Dog frontman and AQFB Director Rob Sitch about their new feature, and how precise the locations needed to be to film their newest work …

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Meet The Filmmaker: Any Questions For Ben?

Are you based in Melbourne? Do you have January 27 2012 clear in your diary? Got some extra cash? Cinema Nova are presenting a screening of Any Questions For Ben? – the new film from Working Dog. The extra bonus seeing this special session is that you will meet (or at least be in the presence …

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Any Questions For Ben? details

Lukewarm off the internet press is Working Dog‘s preview for their latest film, Any Questions For Ben?. Yes, question mark included. Starring Josh Lawson, Rachael Taylor, Felicity Ward, Jodi Gordon and Ed “KD Lang” Kavalee, based around we assume to be 25 year olds (the working title was named ‘25‘) the film was completed last year …

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