Oct 24

Book mentions

As part of a new mock-autobiography released by H.G. Nelson (Greig Pickhaver) called My Life In Shorts, Brisbane’s Courier Mail (24/10/11) printed a Top 10 list of  mockumentary-style TV shows, Books and films.

The list comprised of US show Modern Family, as well as the Christopher Guest‘s classic film Best In Show (Tony Martin‘s favourite This Is Spinal Tap failed to get a mention!), but the first two on the list were two Working Dog entries:

Top 10 mockumentary lists - Courier Mail 24/10/11

Tom Gleisner‘s Warwick Todd Diaries and Rob Sitch, Santo Cilauro and Gleisner’s Movania Jetlag travel book series. If they’re missing from your extensive book collection, they’re still available through all good book stores and $2 bargain bins.


  1. Snatto Gauro

    Nice to see they spelt Santo’s name right, but they dropped the ball after that with Rob “Stitch” – medical in-joke?

    1. I only just noticed that – good pick up!

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