Happy 21st Birthday Late Show – 20 Years Season 2!

Okay, we might be stretching it a bit, but who’s complaining?!

Even though July 17 last year we celebrated 20 years since the first episode of The Late Show was broadcasted, Saturday June 5 1993 was the first day that the first episode of Season 2 went to air. By then, the show had developed a cult following.

And what a way to start the season with the now infamous “We’re Still Number Four!”, a direct parody of commercial TV idents which promote the channel’s talent. Just like Channel 9’s “Still The One“.

The Late Show got a few extra coins in their budget, allowing The D-Generation to change the set a little, going from the emerald green to a tinge of orange, red and horizontal venetian blinds. Once the money dried up, a whip-around with the hat added up to employ an extra staff member – Judith Lucy – for season ’93.

The News Desk returned with an extra bit of spit and polish, and the team get off to a flying start – a ‘brief 2 minute” synopsis of Paradise Beach. (Note: Paradise Beach was a soap on Channel 9 that aired only a few days before the return of The Late Show, and was universally panned by critics and the general public. Though somehow it lasted until 1994.)

“Hey, Warner Brothers Movie World!” becomes a staple quote every time you visit the Gold Coast theme park.

we’re also introduced to everyone’s favourite superdog – Charlie The Wonderdog featuring The Pissweak Kids and Charles (Bud) Tingwell. Read the interview with the Anderson Brothers about their experience as a Pissweak Kid.

Meanwhile, to ‘impress’ Judith’s first day on the show, Tony, Mick and Jason try and convince her about their time away in .. New York.

After a few padded sketches, the story of cult leader Cliff Thompson was shown. This was topical as only a few months beforehand the infamous Waco seige with David Korseh was still fresh in the headlines.

Toilet Break returned, but instead of the marvellous song and dance routines of The Natural Seven, Tony dives into the archives to show the best-of-the-best of talent show – Pot Luck. First off the rank, David Thai – with the amusing critique of the late Bernard King with host Ernie Sigley playing the straight man host.

and naturally, our ol’ spurring partners, Graham and The Colonel return, to follow the script, only to throw it all out the window.

Last and least, Season 1 ended with a montage under the closing credits. Season 2 upped the entertainment value with Tony requesting Mick to have a well known band or musical performer to close the show with a well-known song of theirs. Mick, always heard the names wrong, which resulted in someone else totally inappropriate to perform (full list here). First off the rank was meant to be US band Van Halen performing Jump and Panama. Mick heard it as Syd Heylen – aka Cookie from A Country Practice.

Hilarity ensues… turns out later on Syd had no idea what he was meant to do either.

Happy anniversaries!


  1. Reading that synopsis made me smile. One slight correction about the season one toilet breaks; they featured the Natural Seven, and not the Magnificent Seven. .

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      Thanks roscoe74 – corrected.

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