Ooh, me Easter Eggs! From Bargearse/Olden Days DVD


If you’ve got your copy of The Olden Days/Bargearse that came out in late August, thank forum member menagers for finding the Easter Eggs contained within.

1. Main menu: Bargearse, arrow up, devil icon – exorcism film
2. Main menu: The Olden Days, arrow left, zero icon – funniest home video gag
3. Main menu: subtitles, arrow down, beer mug icon – The Whinging Pom (at last!)
4. Subtitles: main menu, arrow down, VHS icon – video shop sketch
5. Olden Days 1st menu: next, arrow left, beetle icon – OTT pest control
6. Olden Days 1st menu: main menu, arrow right, horse icon – poor Charlie the Wonderdog being forced to root Rob’s leg
7. Olden Days 2nd menu: main menu, arrow down, swastika icon – Hitler’s about
8. Olden Days 2nd menu: 11., arrow left, ALF icon – tribute to Alf Camileri
9. Bargearse 1st menu: 1., arrow up, $ icon – (forgotten?)
10. Bargearse 1st menu: next, arrow down, dial icon – cinema ads
11. Bargearse 2nd menu: 6., arrow up, dogbone icon – Ken Bruce ad
12. Bargearse 2nd menu: main menu, arrow right, hand icon – “hands off” in Bourke St.
13. Where’s me bloody extras? menu: audio comm., arrow left, magnifying glass icon – murder comma she wrote
14. Where’s me bloody extras? menu: DVD credits, arrow down, footy icon – Bruce Mac season 2
15. Where’s me bloody extras? menu: main menu, arrow left, umbrella icon – Merchant Ivory
16. DVD credits menu: arrow left, gun icon – last but never least, the 4 kinsman – cop killer.

Ooh, me Easter Eggs!


    • daveok on June 27, 2015 at 12:12 am

    Dear Deluded Viewers,

    Anyone know if/where a script/transcript for The Olden Days is available?
    I know, I know, tell Frontbottom to make his own coffee… Just thought I would ask all you South Pacific devotees 🙂

    Thanks in advance for any word, I’m off – Humdrum won’t just host itself, you know!



    PS Has anyone seen those two bread rolls I was saving?

    • Delivery man 3 on November 27, 2015 at 12:49 am

    Another gun icon is found in the Audio Commentary section, found in “where’s me bloody extras? The gun is found, when highlighting EXTRAS and push down, for Shit Scared.

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