Season 1 Episode 15

Credit to Steve

Julian Cleary’s apology.

Opening Titles.

Opening Remarks: End of the world, Victorian Liberal Government, 1492, Cherie Paul, Daryl Braithwaite in court, Warrick Capper’s new film.

News Desk: Boris Yeltsen, trouble around the world, war in Bosnia, endangered species list, National Gallery, Federation of Magician’s Assistants, US election, Queen in Ireland, gala concert, Custom’s sniffer dogs, INXS music clip ban, end of the world

Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Musical Piss-takes: Red Hot Chilli Peppers “Under The Bridge”

Melbourne Cup tips.

The Olden Days: Episode Fifteen “Frontbottom Without A Cause”.

Undiscovered Masterpieces of the Cinema: “The Armour Of God”.

Shitscared: Live intro, temporary caravan accommodation.

Pissweak Marine World.

Muckraking: Warrick Capper re-enactment.

Unique Australians: Project Coast watch, Russian missile threat, Plimptington Grammar.

Tony’s Stand-up: The applause light.

Toilet Break: The Natural Seven “It’s Not Where You Start, It’s Where You Finish”.

Commercial Crimestoppers: Single Life magazine, Pilkington Glass, Brashs ad from 1970’s.

Better Golf with Hank Barron.

Academy de Musique: Learn music through violence.

Another Gillette Boring Moment in Sport: Victoria v. Tasmania Shield Match November 1991.

Graham and the Colonel: Spring Racing Carnival, Lady Colonel at the races, driving the ambulance, tax form, upmarket fish and chip shop.

Closing: Petition in the female toilets, worst album cover.

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