Season 1 Episode 16

Credit to Steve

Christopher Columbus The Discovery of America: As Narrated By Alby Mangles.

Opening Titles.

Opening Remarks: Queensland Yo Way To Go!, US elections, Shakespeare’s plays as cartoons, Charles and Diana.

Mick’s Love Line.

News Desk: Bill Clinton, John Major, Paul Keating, Women on the frontline, Robert Di Nero’s paternity case, Salman Rushdie, Product recall: Mistral Gyro Fan, Spring Racing Carnival.

Bill Clinton live in the studio.

Over The Top Chemistry Set.

Tom’s life in a musical.

The Olden Days: Episode Sixteen “The Bad Acting Epidemic of 1852” (audience sings along to the theme).

Countdown Classics: “One Hit Wonders”.

Mr Whippy Grand Prix.

Street Theatre: 1992 Toxic Award for Street Theatre.

Street Interviews: “Worst Dressed People In Australia”.

Shirty The Slightly Aggressive Bear: Robo-Shirty.

Graham and the Colonel: Spring Racing Carnival, photography at the races, Melbourne Cup prediction, Adelaide Grand Prix, Lisa Ondieki, US elections, ABC Picnic in the Park.

Closing: ABC Picnic in the Park, worst album cover.

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