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Heckle! Show us your tusks!

If you ever went to a recording of The Joy Of Sets, you’d know that the entire studio audience was primarily made of Get This listeners. (Weekend listeners were registered to go, but they never turned up as it was filmed on a Friday). During the early days of filming, Tony Martin and Ed Kavalee …

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Seasons Grindings / Greetings

On behalf of site owner Kim and every member of the Champagne Comedy forum, Seasons Greetings from the largest site based on The Late Show and related items on the world wide web. For your regular attendance and hit rates, we cannot offer much legal media of The Late Show, so we can supply you …

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Thinking of Richard Marsland Three Years today

People Want Ducks!

Four years on since the axing of Tony Martin‘s highly successful radio show Get This, and people still want ducks. Photo proof: That is all.

Richard Marsland – charity donations

Thanks to Baudrillard and pixpix for organising this. “IN ARMITAGE SHANKS WE TRUST – DONATE TO BEYOND BLUE If you would like to make a donation to Beyond Blue in Richard’s memory go to: www.beyondblue.org.au/index.aspx?link_id=104.888 The staff at Beyond Blue are Marsland fans & happy to help out. Send them an email, with the subject line “In Armitage Shanks We …

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Richard Marsland dies

Tributes are flooding in for Richard Marsland, the radio anchor best known for his work on Tony Martin’s former radio show, Get This. Marsland was found dead today aged just 32. Austereo Melbourne general manager Ben Amarfio expressed the station’s sadness at losing a talented and popular member of the Triple M team.“Everyone he worked …

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Get This farewell party – photos

Thanks to menagers on the members’ forum for the first-hand pics of the Get This Farewell party at Dick Liquor! Details to follow… or why not join the forum and tell us your own stories?

London Rally mentioned on Get This!

On Tony’s penultimate show today, he very kindly played a couple of minutes of footage from the Save Get This London Rally that happened last weekend. Woohoo! It’s only taken fifteen years to get any sort of feedback from the Tonester.

London Save Get This Rally – the slideshow!

[tube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byN4dYpn460[/tube] The London Save Get This Rally – to check out how it all went, listen to the audio and watch the clips unfold before your very eyes… thanks to Fran for getting us all together; to Bean for the Jonestown reading and Rob for staying up late editing the slideshow. and to me, for working …

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London Get This Rally on 17 November

The London Save Get This Rally is happening on 17 November! Thanks to Bean and Francesca for organising it. Meet at midday near the river entrance to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, 21 New Globe Walk, Bankside. Your Champagne Comedy representative plans to be there, so pictures and footage of the, er, ‘pseudo flash mob’ (can’t call …

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