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Season 1 Episode 19

Episode guide credit: Steve

Originally broadcast Saturday December 5, 1992

ABC Tonight: “Sticky Moments with Phil Cleary”.

Opening Titles.

Opening Remarks: Phil Cleary, Singo’s beer ad, Leyland Brothers, Christmas card from Mia Farrow.

News Desk:

  • Russian Parliament
  • Nazi protests
  • ACTU protests
  • USS Omaha
  • Greek oil tanker accident
  • Keith Wright
  • Jeff Harding
  • Timor resistance leader Xanana Gusmao
  • Hair salon firebug
  • Duchess of York
  • Books for Christmas
  • Product recall

The Artificial Hip.

Geoffrey Wright’s other films.

The Olden Days: Episode Nineteen “The Man with the Olden Gun”.

Muckraking: Anne Wills.

Cricket books.

Ouch Wouchy Heart.

An Award night for Award nights.

Hair removal.

Field Trip: Studio City, Mornington.

Commercial Crimestoppers: with Rob. Rocky the Pine King.

Toilet Break: The Natural Seven.

Max Brown in the audience.

Office Christmas party.

Pissweak Movie World.

Graham and the Colonel:

  • Ritchie Richardson hats
  • Johnny Walker Classic
  • Graham and the Colonel’s books
  • Phil Cleary (on set)
  • Greek oil tanker
  • Queen’s accountant.

Closing: Worst job in Australia.