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Season 2 Episode 11

Episode guide credit: Steve

Originally broadcast Saturday August 28, 1993

The Mabo game.

Opening Titles.

Opening Remarks (Mick by himself): Jo Bailey sacking, Tony’s ex-girlfriends, Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson (Tony).

News Desk:

  • Michael Jackson
  • NASA space Probe John Blackman reference
  • Bruce McAvaney (Rob)
  • New dining table for The Lodge
  • Japanese War apology
  • Bruno Grollo in court
  • U534 salvage
  • Jurassic Park/Gurassic Park

Sunbland Rice Ad.

Muckraking: Re-enactment of Jo Bailey’s sacking, Protest rally outside Channel 9. Michael Hirsh plays a parole officer, Aaron Beaucaire Appearance.

Sunbland Rice Ad.


The Oz Brothers.

Sunbland Rice Ad.

Late Mail: Cast Look-a-likes (Jane and Rob), Tom’s confessions, The Wizard of Oz.

Jane and Judith’s holiday tips Champagne Comedy reference.

Toilet Break: Act 2 Razia, Dancer.

Graham and the Colonel:

  • Holidays to Hong Kong
  • Ashes Test
  • Cricketer’s operations

Closing: Promo for “The Best of the D-Generation” Specials tomorrow night (Sunday 29/8/1993).

Musical Finale: Max Walker (Cyndi Lauper) “Girls Just Wanna have Fun”.