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Season 2 Episode 18

Episode guide credit: Steve

Originally broadcast Saturday October 16, 1993

ABC Apology.

Opening Titles.

Opening Remarks: Rocktober, Monica Seles, movies, Imelda Marcos, Soccer hooligans.

** NO News Desk **

Pantine Shampoo with Rachael Hunter.

Tommy G’s Lateline: with Malcom Turnbull (Rob).

Musical Pisstakes: Billy Joel “River of Dreams”.

Muckraking: Muckraking Live.

Judith’s Stand Up: Violence in society, bouncers.

Ode to British comedy.

Bargearse: “Regarding Bargearse”

Celebrity Stalking with Ken James.

Street Talk: with Reverend Tony Martin and The New Samaritans.

Toilet Break: Act 5: Gary Bond

Late mail: Lucky Grills, celebrity photos, Best Bits of TLS Volume 2, the Max Hatter, Elis Impersonation Fest.

How Safe Are Your Tyres?

Graham and the Colonel:

  • Andy Stewart’s death
  • Maradona
  • World Series Baseball
  • Yacht race
  • Monica Seles
  • Video game

Closing: Murray River floods, the republic.

Musical Finale: Grassby, Grills, Nudge & Plumb (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young) “Teach Your Children”