Return to The Late Show

Season 2 Episode 19

Originally broadcast Saturday October 23, 1993

Three Basic Steps.

Opening Titles.

Opening Remarks: Dinomania / Jurassic Park, French space shuttle, Bob Hawke, A Country Practice,

News Desk:

  • Federal budget with Christabel Chamarette (Judith) and Dee Margetts (Jane) and Paul Keating (Tony)
  • Illegal cock fighting
  • Japan gives to Victorian flood victims
  • Diego Maradona in Sydney
  • Danger of bull bars

SFA Insurance.

Musical Pisstakes: REM “Everybody Hurts”.

Commercial Crimestoppers: Mick & Santo’s Royal Academy of Method Acting and Late Night TV Ad Performance.

Bargearse: “The Many Moods Of Bargearse” plus foreign Bargearse.

Late mail: Bloopers and Lookalikes

Dream Sequences with Judith and Mick

Toilet Break: Pot Luck montage

Graham and the Colonel:

  • David Boon book
  • Cox Plate and Dufflecoat Supreme diseases
  • Novelty cheque

Closing: Repeat episode plug and The Best Bits of The Late Show Vol 2 plug

Musical Finale:  Hayley Lewis (Huey Lewis) “It’s Hip To Be Square”