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Season 2 Episode 4

Episode guide credit: Steve

Originally broadcast Saturday June 26, 1993

In the control room.

Opening Titles.

Opening Remarks: Billboard in space, women’s tennis, $5 bet on Ernie & Denise.

News Desk:

  • Paul Keating in Asia
  • FBI foil terrorist plot
  • Wimbledon
  • Champagne Sketch Comedy
  • Wacky animal story
  • Mick on the Malaysian Prince

Iron Deficiency ad: Women.

Head to Head.

Musical Piss-takes: Things of Stone and Wood “No More Melbourne Clichés” (Happy Birthday Helen).

Iron Deficiency ad: Men.

Sexual harassment.

Shitscared: Oriental Shitscared.

Curly Whirly.

Commercial Crimestoppers: Demtel Foot Massager, Demtel Hair Today.

Toilet Break: Act 5 Piffy.

New Desk Update: Tom as Piffy.

Late Mail: RACV call in a car wash, Kellogg’s variety packs, bar stool.

Iron Deficiency ad: dogs.

Graham and the Colonel:

  • English cricket
  • Video game violence
  • Nadia Comaneci
  • Italian bombing
  • Demtel products


Musical Finale: Ron Barassi (Shirley Bassey) “Thunderball”.