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Season 1 Episode 20

Episode guide credit: Steve

Originally broadcast Saturday December 12, 1992

Beadle’s A Prick: Caravan of a Cliff.

Opening Titles.

Opening Remarks: Late for the Intro, Where’s Wally, Laurie Oakes, cricket commentators, Emergency sidekick (Aaron Beaucaire).

News Desk:

  • Jeff Kennett
  • Royal marriage
  • Product recall: Christmas tree lights
  • Singo’s Beer ad.

Dr Who, Wuthering Heights, Singing in the Rain with the Daleks.

Shirty The Slightly Aggressive Bear: Shirty Unmasked.

The Olden Days: Episode Twenty “Goodbye Farewell and Amen”.

On The Couch revoiced with Brendon Lunney and John Waters.

ABC Tonight: John Waters Sheepdog Trials, John Singleton’s Beer dog trials.

Musical Piss-takes: Frenté “Accidentally Was Released”

Shitscared: Colliding buses.

Singo’s Christian Television Association ad.

Commercial Crimestoppers: The Copper Krazee Award.

Political Wrap-up: Paul Lynham(Rob), Peter Harvey (Tony), Jim Waley (Rob).

Beer Drinking Bloke ad.

Toilet Break: The Peter Regan Show “Think about the Game”.

Santo The Magnificant.

Pissweak Air World.

Graham and the Colonel:

  • Philip Brady stand-in
  • Tasmanian cricket
  • Lady Colonel
  • Goggo mobile.

Closing: Worst album cover, Coke-a-Cola E Street Competition.